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CT-375: Automatic Circular Cold Saw Machine

Machine Features
  • Refined outlook matching with high rigidity construction to decrease ground space occupied.
  • AC Servo Motor drives feeding with patented planetary gear design. No clearance, high accuracy and efficiency.
  • Special design for feeding gear track preventing cutting chips
  • Vertical movement along with linear rail on cutting head.
  • Programmable saw speed.
  • Programmable cutting motor overload protection.
  • Compact and Rigid design on cutting head to extend saw life and save saw cost.
  • Unique clamping system design for no damage on the tube surfaces and no sliding.
  • Patented end compensation feeding device saving tube cost (Option).
  • Can be operated manually, semi-automatic and full automatic.
  • Available pre-cutting.
  • Input and output display for checking malfunctions.
  • With automatic monitoring and limit switch protection.
  • Maximum 5 different length can be set at the same program.
  • Air cooling system allows for stable machine operation.
  • Rapid adjustment for tube clamp system.
  • Multiple protection devices can be assured of operator safety.
  • Moveable foot pedal control with emergency stopper, for strictly security.

    Control Features
  • PLC Based with LCD Touch Screen Control.
  • Chinese and English display.
  • Program Storage: Max. 500 components.
  • With multiple program protection (password and key switch).
  • Automatic tube length calculation for easy use.
  • Programmable feeding speed.
  • Parts counter production piece counter.
  • With saw using record and automatic reminder.
  • An internal battery allows storage of memory for 6 months since power off.
  • For ease of installation and maintenance, all external cables are with modular plugs.
  • Programmed diagnostic and maintenance, any malfunction or error message on display also support relative solution.
  • Can be displayed all message and controlled all function by a dialogued touch screen. Graphics display the machine's feature to touch relative graph on the screen to run the machine function.
  • Limit switch protection helps to prevent man-made errors.
  • Automatic sensing and error action indication function, avoids machine damage caused by man-made.

    Standard Specification
    Round Tube/ Mild Steel ( S=40kgf/mm² ) mm Ø114.3
    Square tube / Mild Steel ( S=40kgf/mm² ) mm 100x100
    Rectangle tube / Mild Steel ( S=40kgf/mm² ) mm 150x80
    Round Solid Bar / Mild Steel ( S=40kgf/mm² ) mm 65
    Square Solid Bar / Mild Steel ( S=40kgf/mm²) mm 60x60
    Total Power HP 4
    Spindle's Rotation Rate (Stepless speed change) rpm (20~60)
    Cutters Specifications mm Ø250 ~ Ø370(center hold Ø32mm,Pin hold 2-Ø11*63mm P.C.D)
    Cutting Length mm ∞(800x N )
    Machine Length mm 950
    Machine Width mm 770
    Machine Height mm 1400
    Machine Weight kg 950