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Model CT20 Non Ferrous Saw Semi Automatic Air-push System

Rotary Angle Cutting Machine
Miter cut range from 0~ 45 plus 90


* Out Feed Position Stopper A slight push can move the stopper to desired position

* Endurable Blade Shaft The blade shaft is heat treated and surface is chromate

* Oil mist system The oil mist generated by vacuum device. It provides excellent lubrication plus cooling effect and prevent chips from accumulating on the cutting area.

Machine Standard Specification
Capacity / Model CT20
Worktable Height 33.8"
Saw Blade Size 1" x20"x120T4
Saw Arbor Speed 3600 RPM
Motor 5HP
Air Pressure 60~90 PSI
Worktable Area 35.4"x35.4"
NW/GW 946lbs/1160lbs
Machine Dimensions 47.2"x40.1"x66.9"

Cutting Capacity Chart

  • Clamping and Cutting System are controlled by their respective pneumatic cylinder. It allow user to adjust clamping and cutting speed independently.
  • Clamping with Super wear-resisting stable linear slide rail ensures clamping pressure on cutting material
  • Adjustable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of cutting material
  • The oil mist promotes lubrication and cooling to optimum cutting performance.
  • Adjustable clamping height
  • Miter cut up to 45 degrees from 0 to 45 and 90